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Written and directed by:
Claudio Zappalà

Performed by:

Chiara Buzzone, Federica D'Amore, Totò Galati, Roberta Giordano

And with the partecipation in voice of: Elvio La Pira

A Barbe à Papa Teatro production

In collaboration with

Spazio Marceau
C.T.M. Centro Teatrale Meridionale

Winner of the call "Sicilia di scena" - Teatro Biondo Palermo 2023

Winner of the call “Chiamata OffIine” - Ferrara Off 2022


"Can one do theatre when being depressed? What can you do when you are depressed? When you don't even have the strength to get out of the bed. When all your thoughts are dark. And you can't handle imagining yourself in the future."

The reaction - rather than the answer - to these questions creates a performance that tells four testimonies of a generational, but also universal condition. L’arte della resistenza (The art of resistance) is a show that roams the shadowy areas of a soul torn and worn out by years of economic, social, political and cultural crisis.

The show is a continuous metatheatrical game that confuses roles and characters. Furthermore, it encourages the audience to actively participate, even beyond the fruition of the show itself. Resistance is our responsibility, which also requires the involvement of spectators.

Three actresses and one actor, on an empty stage, are preparing to perform their last show. While doing so, they question themselves on their condition as artists, as workers, but also as men and women living in the modern day, with its difficulties and contradictions. The Barbe à Papa Teatro members are performing as themselves in this show.

The artistic research behind this production started with with a question - “can one do theatre when depressed?” Which lead to - “what can you do when you are depressed?”



The art of resistance

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