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Barbe à Papa Teatro is a cultural association founded in Palermo operating since 2018. It deals with theatre productions, education
and the development of cultural projects. Founded by: Chiara Buzzone, Federica D’Amore, Totò Galati, Roberta Giordano and Claudio Zappalà, who were joined by Nathan Tagliavini as tec
hnical director. The company has already produced shows such as Il coro di Babele (Babel's choir 2019), Mi ricordo (I remember 2020) and L’arte della resistenza (The art of resistance 2022). These three shows form the trilogy Generation Y.

Barbe à Papa Teatro is a travelling, independent group that has made nomadism its value and distinctive trait, as well as the origin of its artistic research. Rehearsals take place mainly in Palermo and Partinico, as well as in those places willing to offer an artistic residency space. The company aims to work exclusive
ly on original dramaturgies that arise from experiential research.

Barbe à Papa Teatro’s productions are designed for an international audience and the scripts are translated into English and French.
Barbe à Papa Teatro debuted in Palermo with Il coro di Babele in March 2019, a show that won several national awards and participated in the 2022 and 2023 Avignon Off Festival. Mi ricordo debuted at the Teatro Libero in Palermo in 2020, having won the call “Per un teatro necessario” . The same production proceeded to win the Milan Off Fringe Festival in 2022. L’arte della resistenza debuted in Ferrara in 2022, as the winner of the call for residency “Chiamata OffIine 2021”. Between 2021 and 2022, the company trained with Hangar Piemonte in Business Management and Cultural Project Management, as a result of having won the ‘Start and Go’ call promoted by the City of Genoa and Teatro Pubblico Ligure.

The company also runs workshops for actresses and actors, and theatre labs for young people. Since 2020, it has been collaborating with the Partinico Solidale association, running educational events for children and adolescents. Since 2022, Barbe à Papa Teatro, in collaboration with Partinico Solidale, has been the Italian partner for ‘La Nomad House’ project, financed by Creative Europe (European Union). The project involves several European and North African countries and is led by the Belgian company Les Nouveaux Disparus.

CLAUDIO ZAPPALÀ - Author, director and actor

Claudio Zappalà is an actor, author and director. He was born in Catania in 1987. He attended the ITACA Academy – International Theatre of the Adriatic, and graduated from the Scuola dei Mestieri dello Spettacolo (Teatro Biondo in Palermo) where he studied with Emma Dante, Gabriele Vacis, Christian Di Domenico, Sandro Maria Campagna. As an actor he took part in plays directed by Emma Dante, ricci/forte, Armando Pugliese, Simone Luglio. In 2016 he debuted as an author with his first play Aspettando Antigone and won the first edition of the Cendic-Segesta award. The play was directed by Mauro Avogadro and has been issued by the publishing house Il Glifo, within the collection Aspettando Antigone e altri racconti. In 2018, he founded the Barbe à Papa Teatro company and debuted as a director and author in 2019 with the play Il coro di Babele, winner of the competitions run by Residenza Bellandi 2019 and Milano Off Fringe Festival 2019. As a playwright and director he also made Mi ricordo (2020), a co-production by Barbe à Papa Teatro and the Teatro Libero of Palermo. From 2017 to 2020 he worked as a tutor and coordinator at the Scuola dei Mestieri dello Spettacolo (Teatro Biondo in Palermo) and since 2019 he collaborates on the activities management at La Vicaria, home of the Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale directed by Emma Dante. He also runs workshops for professional actors and he used to teach in Emma Dante’s classes Alfabetizzazione Teatrale. On top of that, he teaches classes at the Scuola Buio in Sala Acting School in Catania.



She was born in Caltagirone in 1989. She studied acting between Italy and France. She graduated from Padiglione Ludwig academy directed by Roberto Valerio. She improved her knowledge with: Alessio Maria Romano, Bruno De Franceschi, Pierpaolo Sepe, Veronica Cruciani, Virgilio Sieni, Mimmo Cuticchio, Daria Deflorian, Lucia Calamaro, Jan Fabre Teaching Group, Emma Dante. She debuted as an actress in Paris in the show Variations Moliéresque directed by Claude Viala and she works as an actress/performer with Italian and international directors. In 2018 she co-founded the Barbe à Papa Teatro company.and played in all the productions. Holding a degree in modern literature and fond of foreign languages, she collaborates with the company on the translation field. She can act in Italian and French.

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She was born in Palermo in 1993. She graduated in 2017 from the Scuola dei Mestieri dello Spettacolo (Teatro Biondo in Palermo) directed by Emma Dante. She built experience in the audio-visual field: she debuted in television in the docufilm Adesso tocca a me (2017), directed by F. Micciché. She played in Odissea A/R (2016), Macbeth (2017), L’Angelo di Fuoco (2019), La Cenerentola (2019) and Iphygenie en Tauride (2020) directed by Emma Dante. She worked as an actress/performer in plays directed by Virgilio Sieni, Mamadou Dioume (CICT Peter Brook), Andrea Battistini, Rosario Palazzolo and Roger Vontobel. She also improved her acting skills working with: Beatrice Libonati and Jan Minarik (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch), Eugenio Barba, Ricci/ Forte, Sandro Maria Campagna, Krzysztof Warlikowski, Paolo Rossi, Maurizio Donadoni, Mimmo Cuticchio and Elio Germano. In 2020 she won the Artisti 7607 scholarship and attended Acting in English – Advanced, a highlevel training course directed by Aurin Proietti.
She is co-foundress of Barbe à Papa Teatro and performed in the three productions; She leads the company
physical training.




He was born in Partinico in 1988. He graduated in 2017 from the Scuola dei Mestieri dello Spettacolo (Teatro Biondo in Palermo) directed by Emma Dante. Founder and vice president of Barbe à Papa Teatro, he also acts and leads the company physical training; he teaches theatre and stage movement to children and collaborates with MIMESIA psychotherapy center, teaching theatre as a practice of psychophysical wellness. In addition, he is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor for children. Among his training experience, we can mention: Jan Fabre Teaching Group, Virgilio Sieni and the dancers Jan Minarik and Beatrice Libonati from the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. He played in Odissea A/R directed by Emma Dante, in TROILOvsCRESSIDA directed by Ricci/Forte, in Lingua di Cane and Deposito Bagagli directed by Giuseppe Cutino and Sabrina Petyx, in Il coro di Babele directed by Claudio Zappalà. He improved his body language working as a dancer in VANGELO#2 Arte del Gesto nel Mediterraneo choreographed by Virgilio Sieni and Mimmo Cuticchio, and as a mime actor in Macbeth opera directed by Emma Dante and in Guillaume Tell directed by Damiano Michieletto at the Teatro Massimo of Palermo. He directed the short film Tug of War PROGETTO LEGALITÀ – progetto Regione Sicilia Bando “CIAK LEGALITÀ- A3CinemaScuola LAB-Cinema per la Scuola” and the urban performance Ti Racconterò tutte le storie che potrò, based on the homonym text wrote by Agnese Borsellino and Salvo Palazzolo.




She was born in Palermo in 1993. From 2014 to 2017 she worked as an actress/singer/dancer in the Classical Representation at the Greek Theater in Syracuse, in plays directed by Marco Baliani, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Gabriele Lavia, Federico Tiezzi, Cesare Lievi. In 2016 she specialized in Commedia dell’Arte at the Académie Internationale des Arts du Spectacle in Versailles directed by Carlo Boso. She graduated in 2017 from the Accademia D’Arte del Dramma Antico in Syracuse, INDA. In 2018 she worked as a Assistant Casting Director on the movie Le sorelle Macaluso directed by Emma Dante, and as an actress in the TV film Tutto il giorno davanti directed by Luciano Manuzzi. She acted in the play Le Rane, directed by G. B. Corsetti (2018 national tour). In 2019 she worked as a singer and puppeteer in I Sette Peccati Capitali-sti, a travelling show directed by G. B. Corsetti and performed in Matera, a Teatro San Carlo in Naples and Fondazione Matera 2019 production. In October 2020 she debuted with the monologue Jehanne X, written and directed by Paolo Pintabona, play winner of the selection Parola a Palermo by Teatro Biondo in Palermo. She is currently attending the High-level Training in Counseling and Drama Therapy at the Istituto Teatrale Europeo in Rome. She is a Hatha Yoga for Fitness qualified instructor, A.I.C.S. National Certificate.

She is co-foundress of Barbe à Papa Teatro and performed in the three productions of the company, where she also leads the vocal training.


NATHAN TAGLIAVINI - Technical director

Born in Lugo in Emilia-Romagna, in 1997. Musician and sound and lighting technician.
He works as a musician with the bands In The Mood Swings (2015) and For a Loaf of Bread (2022) of which he is also a founding member.
He graduated in 2020 from the Accademia Nazionale del Cinema e dello Spettacolo in Bologna, studying sound engineering with Alessandro Scala.
Since 2020 he has been working with the Ferrara Off theatre as audio and lighting technician, since 2021 he has been working at the audio/video service Luxonix Srl.
Since 2021, he has been co-founder president of the cultural association Artenativae, which deals with music production and cultural events.
In 2022, he joined the company Barbe a Papà Teatro, of which he is technical director.

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